General company information

Polymail is a trade mark of Polycart Bulgaria, a producer of printed and unprinted envelopes in Bulgaria, and producing standard sizes and shapes for the Bulgarian government on one hand, and then on the other hand specialised in the short to medium runs, up to 200 000 pieces for the markets in the EU, Russia and the middle East. We can produce envelopes with materials from 50 gsm paper, up to 6 mm thick corrugated material or 3 mm solid cartonboard at the lowest prices in the EU and beyond, with quick delivery and perfect quality, on top of the very competitive prices we quote to usual clients - mailing houses, trading companies and envelope overprinters.

Types of Packaging

Paper Envelopes - short to mid runs of envelopes with different structural designs, shapes and printing options, windows, glue strip and tear tape and other options for the envelope users.

Carton Envelopes - cartonboard up to 3 mm, cardboard up to 800 gsm and testliner material up to 230 gsm - just ask for the material and we can make envelopes with it at low price

Mail Packaging - mailing boxes and other corrugated envelopes and pockets for sending out items, merchandise and bottles in the mail, with huge variety of design and forms, with full print

Carton Mailers - CD and ring binder mailers are a speciality mail packaging that we can produce. Polymail tries to make sure we deliver constant quality and low prices for our envelope clientèle in the EU

Plastic Envelopes and Pockets - in addition to all the types above, we produce also plastic HDPE and LDPE envelopes and pockets at low prices and quick delivery terms, with min. order about 50 000 pieces per design

Materials Processed

Papers and Cartons up to 800 gsm

  • Siliconised Papers 30-100 gsm
  • Kraft white and brown papers - 40-180 gsm
  • Envelope Offset Papers - 50-170 gsm, coated and uncoated
  • Ribbed and Plain Coated Envelope Papers
  • Coloured Papers and GD/GC Cartons

Boards and Corrugated

  • Cartons with clay surface - 200-1000 gsm
  • GD 2 and 3, GT, GC 1 and 2 cartons with clay on top
  • Corrugated Materials - E, B and C Flutes
  • White and brown Testliner and corrugating materials
  • Virgin Prime Fibre Cartonboard up to 800 gsm
  • Luminescence Materials and Plastic Films

Partners and Customers

Bulgarian Post (traditional customer)

Bulgarian Administration

TNT Post and Courier

State Agencies