Courier Envelopes

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In order to offer the full range of mail packaging solutions, we produce specialised envelopes for couriers and postal companies at top prices. Thus we can produce courier envelopes from 120 gsm material up to 500 gsm material, with different shapes, sizes and finishing options to be compared by none other in the envelope business.

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Postal Packaging

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Additionally we can produce die cut items from solidboard, plastic board and foam materials to ensure the items in the postal boxes are fully protected. We make our own selections of stock items, but at the same time we are flexible to produce according to items dimensions and packaging requirements any kind of mail inserts for within the boxes.

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Mail Packaging

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Once more in this category we include the mail packaging, however in the carton envelopes category we mention the carton mail packaging, here we mention it for the corrugated and solid board mail packaging. We can use material up to 10 mm thick, add strip, string or metal clasp to finish the product the way customers need it.

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